Catching up

Hallo everybody. I know, I have been away for a while. But quite a lot things happened in the meantime. Just look at this.

  1. I took part at the Testwarez conference, even made a workshop there. It was a nice experience I would like to repeat next year. The slides are available on-line.
  2. I took part at the JDD conference. My first official lecture with a bigger public. I think it was quite good, nevertheless I still have a long way to go compared to Sławek or Jarek. The slides are available here. The recording is not present yet.
  3. We did have the fourth OWASP meeting in Wrocław this week. I made the second part of my security headers presentation for this purpose. This time we had an excellent audience and some people knew the headers inside out so we had plenty of discussion there. My slides are available here. And on youtube you can find a recording of the whole meeting.

Let’s hope the next time it will not take so long for a new post to appear. On the other hand if so many things happen in the meantime, the waiting might still be worth it.